Wonder Curl
Butter Than Love

Detox Clay Cleanser

Embellez Novex Coconut
Oil Leave-In Conditioner 10.5 oz

Nzuri Elixir Liquid Hair
Skin and Nail Vitamin

Naturel Lyfe
Face Oil

Naturel Lyfe
Liquid African
Black Soap


Styling Fan Fit Pik

Metal Fist Pik

Antomite King

Cake Cutter Comb

Conair Paddle Brush

7 Row Styling Brush

Fro to Fro with Aevin and LaPorsha

American idol LaPorsha Renae and her hair idol Aevin Dugas got a chance to catch up and talk Fro to Fro about life in the spotlight, hair regimens, food, music and mainstreams response to big hair. LaPorsha received the very first Afro Box with an afro pik, detangler brush and all full sized products from Koils by Nature, Wonder Curl, Naturel Lyfe and Nzuri.

Enjoy this Aevin360 video clip and be sure to listen out for the release of LaPorsha’s single “Good Woman”.